How can the user change the record type or lead owner from a skuid page?

I’m building my first lead page in Skuid. Default Salesforce page has a ‘change’ link next to fields such as record type and lead owner.
I can’t seem to replicate this in the Skuid page - the field appears as a read only field and can’t be edited inline.
Any help?

If you drag in the “RecordTypeId” field (not RecordType.Name) into your Field Editor component, then you’ll be able to inline-edit / change the RecordType.

Same goes for Owner, you’ll need to drag in the “OwnerId” field (not Owner.Name), then it will be inline-editable.

In general, if you want to be able to edit any Reference field (lookup or master-detail) from a Field Editor or Table, then you will need to drag in the Reference field itself, not its “.Name”, for example:

Owner: use OwnerId, not Owner.Name
Account: use AccountId, not Account.Name
custom fields: use “MyCustomField__c”, not MyCustomField__r.Name

Thanks for this
When I add in the record type field it is blank? Am I missing something?

Skuid will automatically recognize that you are trying to display a reference field and will substitute in the name of the object rather than displaying the id. Give it a try and let us know if it’s not working for some reason.

Another thing you can do to make it easier on your users is to change the “Field Renderer” property on your field from “Auto-Complete” to “Picklist”.  That way your users will be able to see the available values without having to type and search for them.

 How do i make change ownership of opportunities and accounts at the same time.It should allow mass edit of both account and opportunity owner field at same time