How can I test a numeric ui-only field for null in a formula for another ui-only field

I am finding UI-Only fields to be very powerful. I now have a situation where I want to test one UI-Only field for null in the formula for another UI-Only field. The field being tested is numeric, it is displayed for input in a field editor, but it acts like it has a value of 0 before the user even makes an entry.
I have tried IF({{MyQty}}==null…, IF({{MyQty}}=={{Blank}}…, and simply IF({{MyQty}}… None of these are able to distinguish between an empty field and an input of zero (0).

Mike, I was able to replicate what you were seeing. It appears that the numeric UI only field has a value of ‘0’ when ‘pulled into’ another formula field (even though the field itself shows a null value). I was able to see this by creating a second UI only formula field and just passing in the value from the first ‘numeric’ UI only field. You can also see this if you look in the console. I am guessing that Skuid is doing this so that the formula field can ‘run’ with the number going in. Do you need to use a numeric field? How about creating a Text UI Only field and prompting your user to enter a number? Then you can test for ‘0’ or ‘null’ and then convert it to a ‘number’ for any calculations that you need to do. Thanks, Bill