How can I show/edit dynamic details on records within a table?

I have an object Case.
Case has children records of custom type “Experience”.

When a case is created, the users creates several experiences in reference to the case. Example:
Online Order Experience, Missing Item
Store Service Experience, Rude Store Employee

“Missing Item” needs to require the order number.
Rude…Employee" needs the store number.

How can I display these two experiences as a table, only showing the fields that need to be filled?

A case and its details.
A table with all the experiences associated to a case.
Experience 1: Online Order Experience, Missing Item, Order Number, and SKU. These fields are rendered and available for editing.
Experience 2: Store Service Experience, Rude Store Employee, DateOfInteraction, Store Number. with these fields rendered and available for editing…

If I added a third experience it would appear on the table in the same format.

An easy way to think of it is that I want to put the case details directly into the table rather than a pop-up.

Assuming the Experience object contains separate fields for each value, you could add all fields to the table and set render conditions on each table field based on the Experience Type. Screenshot attached for reference.

Experiences is a child set from Case. I am wanting all experiences within a case to be editable.

I only want certain fields to show on a given record and others on others. Rendering at the experience table column level does not achieve this. Instead, we’ve switched from a pop-out to a drawer.

Is there a better solution?