How can I Show all the records of model as pick list?

Hi All,

How can I display the particular model records as pick list, For Example I have Object called Topics, that object contains 5 records, I need this 5 records as a pick list in my skuid page.

Screen A:Topic Object with 5 records.

Screen B: Visualforce page with pick list

NOTE: I need to build Skuid page like this.


Hello Shaik -

Assuming the “Contact Us” field is a lookup to “Topic” then in the Page Builder on the “Contact Us” field, you can set the “Field Renderer” to Picklist instead of the default of auto-complete.

Hi Barry,

Thanks for your reply,

Here “Contact us” nothing but “Topic” but its not lookup field, the page itself topic page, means there is no relationship from topic model to some other models.

I need to display topic fields only along with picklist

The total “Communication Page” fields came from Topic object/model “Subject line” and “Body of topic”


I think the easiest way to accomplish this will be to create a custom object that has relationships to Topic, so that you can use standard functionality to display the relationships as a picklist.  If you are not allowed to do that,  you will have to create some sort of custom renderer that consumes the Topic model and goes through each row of the model to create an array which is used as picklist metadata.  Its probably possible in Javascript,  but its not anything we’d support.   You can look here on the forums for other examples of custom picklist values. 

Hi Shaik - As Rob mentions below, I think your easiest path is to create a custom Object that contains fields for Topics, Subject, Body.  This will make displaying the data the way you want extremely easy.  You don’t even have to save any records to this object, just use it to shape your UI.  If this isn’t possible, then you can build a page that contains a model for Topics and then write a custom component or custom renderer that it iterates the model data and builds a HTML Select list.

Thanks for you suggestion Rob. :slight_smile: