How can I remove text "There were" from Skuid standard error message ?

I want to remove “There were” text form standard Error message in Skuid.

For example : Original text “There were 8 problems with this Skuid Page. Click to display…”,
it should be “8 problems with this Skuid Page. Click to display…”, 

I want update this change through out the application. 

That’s a great idea. I have put in an official Enhancement Request for this issue. I’ll update you when it is released. 

As far as I know, there is no declarative method to be able to edit these yet.

In order to have the design team have easier access to look at this, I recommend changing this from a Question to an Idea.

Hi Stephen, thanks for your replay. As you said I will update this post as an IDEA :slight_smile:

I am not able to update this as an Idea, could you please let me know the process ? Do I need to create new post with the same as an idea ?

I changed it for you. I didn’t realize that only employees can do that. My bad

I’ll second this idea.  Being able to insert our own page to capture a case  and solicit user input for an error would be much better than the “You’ve been Inked” message content.