How can I refresh a Chatter feed with an Action or Javascript snippet?

I have a tab that contains a Chatter feed. I have another tab where some information is collected and an action will post an item (via Javascript Remoting to the feed) however this is not reflected on the Chatter feed that has already loaded. What I would like to do is reload the Chatter feed every time a user visits the tab. I can see there are actions I can run when someone clicks on the tab but not sure what sort of Action (or Javascript snippet code) I could use to refresh the Chatter component in Skuid.


Try adding an action under Whenever Shown to query a model. Query the model that your chatter feed component is on and it should now show updated data for that model whenever you go to the chatter tab.



Did you get this to work? I’ve tried requerying the model and the chatter component doesn’t show posts that were created since the last time the model was queried.

Ah, young me from many months ago. As a matter of fact I didn’t get that to work. I think at the time I didn’t realize that the Chatter component works differently than other components and unfortunately does not refresh based on model changes. Sorry for the mislead, but you’ll have to put the Chatter in an iframe in a template and refresh it that way