How can I make a field conditionally required in bonzai version?

Hi I have 3 fields. I need to require at least one of them having a value. How should I do this? I tried the field renderer, but that made the field read only?

Conditionally render two fields. One required and one not required.

I want to show all 3 fields at all times though.
Field 1: not required.
Field 2: required. render condition: field 2 is null
Field 3: not required. render condition: field 1 and 2 is null?

What would be the right set up? Thanks!

Can I use action on Model to achieve this? I’m new to Skuid. Can you provide a snippet that does that for 2 fields maybe for demo?

Sorry. I’ve got to pass the baton. My own work is pressing. :S

I haven’t tested this, but you could try enable conditions on fields 2 and 3 instead of render conditions. That way they would be visible, but not editable unless the condition was met.

Thanks! I will actually need to have them editable at all times. So I did this by running validations in javascript. The element.html() was causing the trouble.

Hi J!  Did you ever implement your solution in JS and if so, would mind sharing it?  Thanks!

Hey Pat, very clever fix. Just create a duplicate set of fields with one set being set as required in Skuid and the others not and then set your rendering conditions accordingly. I had the same issue with just needing 1 field required but still render the rest of the fields as optional.