How can I disable tab change action in tabset for UP & Down arrow keys ?

Hi, I want to disable tab change action in tabset.

If the user clicks on down/up arrow key user will navigate from one Tab to another within a TabSet. I want to disable this action. It should enable only for left/right arrows.

Please let me know how can i make it possible ?

Sorry Vijayakrishna,

There currently is no declarative way to set keyboard behaviors in a tab set in Skuid’s page builder. You would have to include some custom Javascript to accomplish this.

thanks for quick response.

I tried with following jquery code in snippet and loading snippet on tab load action, but couldn’t resolve. Any suggestions ?

It disabled the keyboard events, but tab content not rendering completely.

$('#mytabpanelid').tabs({ activate: function(e, ui) { e.currentTarget.blur(); } });

Even tried the below one also, but no use :

$('.classtabanchor').keydown(function (event) { if (event.keyCode !== 38 && event.keyCode !== 40) { return false; } });