How can I create salesforce Custom Links in skuid?

Is there any way to create custom links like below in skuid detail page.

You should be able to use the navigation component. Each navigation item is a button that can redirect people to other pages. You can layout navigation components in horizontal, vertical, or drop down. Each “button” can do multiple actions in sequence which makes it even more versatile.

Hi Raymond thanks for the reply I was tried using navigation item last few days back but users don’t like to use this option they want see links on page. Is there any workaround to show links?

You can do a template component with a hyperlink in it, or a rich text with hyperlink. Rich text has an editor that will allow you to insert a hyperlink. The template component would require you to write the hyperlink yourself.

Thanks for the suggestions Raymond after thinking created buttons in salesforce added to page title and written simple CSS code change my buttons to links on my page to resolve the issue.


Glad you were able to figure it out! Thanks for helping Deleep, Raymond :slight_smile:


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