How can I connect to wordpress plugin Formidable Forms API via skuid?

Our wordpress site uses Formidable Forms and we got the API plugin for it. How may I connect to this data via skuid?

Depends on the API. If it’s RESTful, you can add it as a data source in skuid:

Otherwise, you might have to use a third party integrator like Zapier if it has a Formidable Forms connector.

Thanks. I will look into that. 

I did get Formidable to transfer data to Salesforce via their plugin.

I would like to build a skuid page that can see the form data, so I set it up under authentication providers like this:


and I set up this data source:


When I add it as a new model I get this “error=redirect_uri_mismatch&error_description=redirect_uri%20must%20match%20configuration”

On this page:  it says this:

URI Mismatch
An OAuth popup window will appear when you first attempt to access the external org’s data objects. If that popup contains the following error message:
The callback URL within the external org’s connected app may be improperly configured.
  • Ensure that the callback URL points to your Skuid site and that there are no typos. Some callback URLs have double underscores; a single underscore will throw an error.
  • If your callback URL is correct—and you are using Skuid on Salesforce to access the external org—check your Skuid site’s remote site settings—there must be one configured for the external org you are accessing. You can find these settings by navigating to or searching for Administer > Security Controls > Remote Site Settings in the Salesforce sidebar.
  • While Skuid creates these remote site settings by default, an error may have prevented it from saving. Click New Remote Site if you do not see a setting for the external org.
Are my callback URL points wrong? 
If I am accessing Formidable data via the formidable wordpress plugin, what is the remote site? Wordpress? and is the url the login to wordpress?

Also, here are directions from formidable but, I am not sure which part, it any, applies.