How can I add / search for knowledge article on a case via a list?

We typically attach solutions to a case upon closure. The support rep will use the related list box to search for similar solutions or find suggested solutions. We’ve recently upgraded to a plan with Salesforce that allows us to use knowledge articles, which is what I’d like to use going forward.

Is there an easy way to display and attach knowledge articles to a case via a table on a skuid page?

Korey - as best I can tell from the online doc,  Knowledge Articles and Article versions are objects that should be accessible to Skuid.  You should be able to make models that call them and include thier data in your page. 

The trick of course is how to connect them to the case at hand.  The dumb thing to do would be to not filter the knowledge articles,  bring titles into a table and simply let the rep search through the articles until they found somthing helpful.   But you might also be able to build a condition on case title,  bringing in knowledge articles where the case title was contained in the case title of the knowledge article,  or construct a keyword structure. 

You might also implement this filtering as a condition that is turned on with a toggle fitler.  The page could be loaded with it defaulted on - but the rep could have the option of turning off the fitler to get the full body of knowledge. 

Hope the ideas help. 

I’m still working through this. I ended up opting to continue to use Solutions rather than Knowledge Articles, as Knowledge Articles have some odd child relationships. Solutions are a much simpler structure.

I’ve got them displaying, and I’ve got them filtered out, I just need to get the solution attachment working. Right now I’ve set up a redirect, but it only works if I use it and not the end users, so I am still working at it.

I’ll post here if I work out these issues.

I’m still having issues with this, and I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some suggestions. I have got solutions showing up on my case detail page without an issue. I’ve added a button to “Attach a Solution” and upon clicking it, it brings up the default Salesforce solution page. On the salesforce page, the solutions have a ‘Select’ link next to them, which should attach them to a solution.

If I click ‘Select’ and it goes back to the default Salesforce case detail page it succeeds. However, if it redirects to my Skuid detail page it fails. This happens for my account as well as any others.

The attach solution redirect is this:


That works correctly, and clicking ‘Select’ on the default salesforce correctly redirects to this address (this is an example):


However it never attaches it if the resulting page is the skuid page, but it adds it if the resulting page is the case detail page.

Any ideas on things to try?