Hotkeys via Javascript

Is it possible to create global hotkeys via javascript? Right now the hot keys are only on a few components, which is fine, but they have to be visible to work. It doesn’t seem I can make a global hotkey that leverages the action framework, but can I make a hotkey in javascript?

The API documentation doesn’t really provide me a lot of information:

Hey Korey,

This brings up a really interesting idea, perhaps we could add the ability to trigger Action Sequences (which are globally defined at the page level) using Hotkeys, much like we have Event-triggered Action Sequences and Voice-triggered Action Sequences, adding Hotkey-triggered Sequences would make a lot of sense.

I’d rather pursue us exposing this functionality declaratively than suggesting a Javascript-based solution.

Zach, I’m 100% in agreement.

That’s essentially what I’m looking to do, since my more advanced users want faster ways to navigate and interact, but I also don’t want to load up every page with dozens of buttons for one-off scenarios.


“Hotkey-triggered Action Sequences” are going to be a feature of the upcoming Spark release. Stay tuned!