Hosting a PowerBI Dashboard on a SKUID app?

Has anyone successfully integrated a PowerBI Dashboard on a SKUID app or any other BI platform for that matter? Is there such a capability available?

Hey Nicholas!  I have worked with “Skuid + PowerBI” a bit.   In one of our recent Nautilus Notes webinars, we talked about it, along with Tableau and other good stuff. 
Here’s a link to YouTube video recording of the webinar.  If you want to skip right to the stuff about PowerBI, it starts at 40:35. 


Carl, thank you so much for the reply. I was meaning to catch up on those!

Quick Question - is it confirmed that it will work for the Skuid for Salesforce Customers? It seemed from the video that you guys were going to go check that piece out?

I’m pretty sure it will work on either Skuid for Salesforce or “Skuid Cloud”

@Carl_Sheffield Hi Carl, leaving a new comment here to see if you have any pointers on how to make a template hosting a powerBi dash responsive? For example if our app is for desktop and IPAD devices? This would be on v1.

I was able to find some resources online that helped me figure it out. Wanted to share them:

Thanks for sharing Nicholas!

You are welcome Rob. You know after testing I found that this code was great for desktop, but not so much for mobile. I have another plan of attack, I’ll see how it goes. Open to any suggestions if anyone has any.