History Tracking Filter out related list ID

I need to show tracking history in one of my Skuid pages. I have a client and I track what geographic area they are in and what house they are in. I know from reading other posts that Salesforce has not given access to the “Pretty view” that just says in a sentence what was changed. My issue is that it shows the ID associated with the change as well which clutters the view and doesn’t mean anything to anyone. For Example: 2/2/2014 2:01 am John Doe Cedar City Provo Rich Slack 2/2/2014 2:01 am John Doe a02G000000BZ6iDIAT a02G000000BZ6lwIAD Rich Slack Is there a way to filter out line 2 that shows the a02G…? Thank you!

Hey Rich, you should be able to do that. Do you want to grant Skuid login access to your org and I can look at it for you?

That would be great, being new I don’t know how to grant you access. If you can tell me let’s do it. Thank you!

No problem. Setup > My Personal Info > Grant Login Access 

If it’s not there, try just searching in the setup menu for “Grant Login Access”.

Ok you are all set. The tab is on the “Clients” main Tab. Then Client Skuid Tab and Transfers sub Skuid Tab. Thanks

Rich, it looks like we’re kind of stuck here. The reason these values are showing the way they are is because, as you’ve gathered, they’re look up fields and the history shows both the name and id of the new and old values. Unfortunately, Salesforce limits what we’re able to do with those fields. We’re not to filter on them at all. Lame, I know, but even in raw SOQL it won’t let us do it.

I have just come across this too. Any chance of a JS workaround? It looks really messy this way.

Instead of using a table, why not do a repeating field editor and conditionally render the field editor on the values found on the row?

If it’s supposed to be read-only anyway, you’re not losing too much functionality from the table component.