historical values of fields

We want to create a report that show the value of a fields based on the filters on the table.  We track progress on locations in projects, we select a filter for “this week” and it would show the location name, the “% complete value” on the start of the report period and the “% complete” at the end of the report period.  What is the best way to approach this?

Pretty sure there is nothing added from Skuid to enable this type of functionality where we can access historical field values. I’d like to be wrong on this though. :smiley:

You can use Reporting Snapshots to gather the state of a record at timed intervals.

Pat’s right on this one — we recommend using either Salesforce’s Historical Trending or Analytic Snapshots feature to set up point-in-time captures of the state of your data. Then you can use Skuid to retrieve and present the “state” of your data at various points in time, as desired.

Holy cow! Historical Trending is awesome!! Coupling data from that with kendo ui will be sick! MUST LEARN ALL THINGS HTML, CSS AND JAVASCRIPT!