Hiding the SF Default "Home" in Navigation?

I created a Visualforce Tab for my new homepage, in order to completely replace the Salesforce home, problem is that I have a Navigation component in my header that pulls from “Salesforce Tabs for Current App” which includes the standard Salesforce Home link.

Is there a way to hide this while keeping the user’s tabs and order?


Have you checked out this tutorial

Hope that helps!

Hi Karen,

I have looked at that, and it doesn’t mention what I’m referring to unfortunately.

To clarify, I’m referring to this portion: "To bypass the Salesforce home page entirely, create a Visualforce tab that  shows a Visualforce page showing your custom home page (or a Page Assignment, see 1A) and, in Salesforce Setup under Create > Apps, make your custom home tab the default tab for the appropriate apps."

Doing this creates 2 “Home” Navigation Items, I want to keep the Skuid one that I create but not show the default Salesforce one, as it will confuse users.


I can see that being confusing for users. Unfortunately, you are not going to be able to hide the Salesforce one if you’re using Salesforce Tabs for Current App because Salesforce does not allow you to remove the Home page from an App as you see when you click on any of the apps from the setup menu > Create > Apps.