Hiding Rich Text Editor Box

Hi all,

 I’m trying to hide or remove the rich text editor box that comes up for rich text fields. I have some users with smaller resolutions and it seems to be blocking their views, textboxes, etc. Does anyone know of a way to easily hide or remove this?

You can override the metadata for the rich text field in skuid so that only a text box shows.   This will work if you are enabling data entry and not showing existing data.   The problem with existing data is that the text field will just show all the HTML code generated by the rich text component. 

Maybe that will work for you… 

Does anyone know the jQuery selector for the formatting box? I’d like to hide it that way, rather than override the field metadata.

One you can use is putting it in a wrapper and then using $(“#wrapperId”).find(“[class*=richtext]”). If you want to open the box for editing you can use the jquery dblclick() function on the selector.