Hide table rows before a filter option has been selected?

On a record detail page, I have a table for a child object. I am filtering the table based on one of the child object’s fields. When the page first loads, it shows all possible values. I would like it to hide all values until a filter option has been selected. Any advice? Thanks.

sure,. In the settings of the model, deselect “Load Model Data On Page Load”. That should do the trick. Then no rows will be loaded automatically. When you enter a value in the filter, it should trigger a query and load the specific records. Also, on the table itself, if you display the search box, you can set the search box to remove all model data if you empty the search box. Otherwise, if you search for something, then clear t he search box, all records will display. Good luck!

Awesome! Worked perfectly! Thanks for the super fast reply.