Hide checkboxes if mass actions are hidden

As of 11.0.8, if you have a single Mass Action on a table, even if that mass action is hidden due to rendering conditions, you will see the checkboxes next to table rows. Would be great if those checkboxes disappeared when all mass actions are hidden.

in screenshot below, flag selected rows for deletion is the only mass action, and it is hidden from non-admin users, but the checkboxes are still there.

admin users get the mass action:

Any of your fields setup to aggregate?

Nope. And Show Export Button is not checked. Are you able to hide the checkboxes if all your mass actions are not rendered?

You could just block with CSS?

.yourcheckboxelement {
display: none !Important; 


Just want to say that we use this behavior on purpose … create a mass action just to get checkboxes to show up, then we hide the action because we want the checkboxes.  Our users select the rows they want and then we use a button set to process the action - we didn’t really like the mass action buttons not being visible.

So if it does change, please give us the option.  :slight_smile:

+1 from me. I’ve had to use CSS to hide those checkboxes many times. Seems like they should just natively disappear when no mass action buttons are present.

Hi Chandra, am doing same in a table in drawer…do you mind sharing how you selected the appropriate mass action button? Thanks and  Cheers :slight_smile:

Ooh I love it when some people call it a bug,  and others call it a feature…    

We didn’t use a mass action for this use case.  Users selected the rows, then we used a standard button to process the action by checking for selected rows in a snippet.

would you mind sharing the CSS you use to hide it?

Nevermind, found an answer courtesy of Bill on this thread: http://community.skuid.com/skuid/topics/check-boxes-on-table-row