Hide all rows, just show summary

Hi, Would anyone know of a way to visually hide all rows from a table and just show header and summary?

(summary should still summarize, those invisible rows)


Is there a reason you don’t want to just use an aggregate model?

Hi Matt,

Yes there is, I tried with an aggregate model, but data would not update live when i change data in basic model (would need to save and requery)

On a popup i’m trying to show the “summary” and have ability to change data on the fly, and see directly how it affects the summary

Maybe some script

Example this one I use to hide footer

.hidetablefooter .nx-list-footer { display:none; }

Would there be something similar to hide table rows?


Hey Dave,

You can do this with css. Add a class to your table, such as “table-hidebody”, then use the following css.

.table-hidebody tbody{display: none;}