hide a table when using a dashboard


I’m trying to figure out how to hide a table associated with a dashboard but without losing the data in the dashboard. Is this possible using the rendering tool? Are there a logical order to how it should be setup? Any ideas or topics maybe already created on this would be great! thanks!

You should be able to accomplish this with a tab set or wizard. Put the table on one tab and the chart on another. Or you could put both on one and then just the chart on the second. That would allow you to toggle back and forth without losing the data.

Thanks Raymond. Is their a way to render the table using a button?

There is and your table should stay visible even if your table is hidden. In the latest version of Skuid (Brooklyn), there should be a button component that will allow you to render components. I am still using the previous version. You would have to create a UI only field on one of your models (doesn’t matter which really). Your button would be set to update the value of the UI only field. You would create two buttons to toggle. Then you would set the rendering on the table component based on the value of the UI only field.

Raymond, Thank you sooooo much! Your instructions paved the way. The only other thing I had to do was add a render condition on the table . Works great!!