Hidden Rendered Fields Preventing Save


I’ve encountered an issue where some hidden fields are still required, even when they are not rendered. Unhiding and then hiding the fields again seems to resolve the issue in most cases, but sometimes there will be a field or two that will remain required in all cases.

The page in question has ~250 fields and lots of rendering conditions to provide some context.


Quick clarification… are the fields required in SFDC or in the UI?

Whups forgot to mention that - they are only required on the Skuid UI. The object has no fields set as required on the back-end.

Kartik,  I’m going to follow up with you via email. 

Hi Rob & Kartik,

I have the same issue. Can you please let me know how you achieved it.

Rakesh N.

Hi Rakesh,

I had a snippet on my page that cleared the values of hidden fields. However, I was not using Skuid’s API to update the row ( model.updateRow() ) - but rather updating the values directly. This created some issues on the page that resulted in some components not marking certain fields as required.

Once I updated the snippet to utilize skuid’s API method to update the row, I no longer encountered any issues.

Hope that helps,