hidden render field not showing in drawer

I have a field in a drawer that is rendered hidden unless another field = “Other”. If the field is “Other” when the drawer is opened, then the rendered field is shown. If I then select something besides that “Other”, the field does not show. This all works correctly.

If I start without “Other” being selected the field is rendered hidden. That works correctly.

However, if the field is initially rendered hidden and I then select “Other” the field the hidden does show and it should show.

I’m guessing there is a typo in your last line and you meant to say:  
“If the field is initially hidden and I select “Other” the field DOES NOT render” 

Is the field where you select “Other” on the same mode and row in context?  (Do you have context conditions applied?)  Is the Field that is hidden on the same model as the table it is under?  (Do you have its contenxt conditions applied? )

Yes it is on the same row. The one is a reference field:

And the “Other Name” is a field in the same object, Social_Site_DNA__c

And what does the context for the components in the drawer look like? 

There are none?