Hi Team

I have a requirement where we are displaying a section on Case Skuid page once the Request is claimed by a User in the queue. We have 3 more Fields in this section which is lookup to User Object.Now business wants that the section should be editable to only the user who are marked in any of these 3 User field, others users who are viewing the record
and not marked in the User lookup fields, should not be able to edit this record. Kindly let me know input, how we can achieve this requirement.

There is probably a way you can do this with code, but how I would do it is: 1) split the section into two. Put the user look up fields in the first split and the rest of the fields in the second split 2) create a third section which is exactly the same as the second split from step 1 from above. Now you will have two identical sections. 3) Set each feild in the first of the duplicate sections to read only. 4) set the rendering of the first section to be displayed if the current user is NOT equal to the value of the look up field 1 or the lookup field 2 or the look up field 3. 5) set the rendering of the second section to be displayed if the current user IS equal to the value of one of those fields. I think that should accomplish what you are looking to do.

But displaying 2 Identical sections, I don’t think is a correct way. User would get confused in this case…

Only one of the identical sections would display at any one time. You would set up the rendering so that either one or the other display, never both.