Hi , I want to have a javascript button in my' skuid page preferably in Application which include

Question 1. I am unable to add the button in application .

Ques 2. I have added the button in 'loan dashboard  but it is not working . 


var applicationModel = skuid.model.getModel(‘Application’);var applicationRow = applicationModel.data[0];
var appId =applicationRow.genesis__Funding_in_Tranches__c ; 
var agree = confirm(“Are you sure ?”);
window.alert("id : "+ appId);
if (agree){
var retVal = sforce.apex.execute(“PricingController”,“borrowerAccepted”,{id:appId}); 


Can you post screenshots of the configuration of your button (on the Skuid Page Title component),  and of the Snippet (on the resources section of the skuid page)?