Help please. Calling in my chips. :)

I am asking for help with something I’m working on in my business. It’s a small piece of the methodology of offering, documenting, predicting the case study, delivering the work product, writing up the case study, and then evaluating its value with you. If you feel like you want to pay me, I will insist that we talk about what you’re passionate about and donate that money to something representing that. I love learning what people’s passions are as I see their best selves every time given a little time to build that momentum. It’s such an amazing thing to see. It’s so so rewarding.

I’m doing this because I’ve recently experienced a client being upset with me in how I was delivering the work product. I have been unable to resolve the issue in my mind fully and wish for it to never happen again.

Basically calling in all my chips to these for those who feel I really helped them with something on the Skuid community. I’m going to toot my own horn a bit here. :blush: There have been countless times when I’ve helped someone in the community figure something out they’ve been stumped on. Many times jumping on a zoom call as complete strangers having fun solving the problem together just because I was loving Skuid so so much. I remember it like it was yesterday when the Skuid Sales person answered my greatest challenge I had been dealing with back in 2014. I wanted to know if Skuid could clone a complex set of records related to each other simple to strange ways. He said “Yup, easy”. AND IT WAS TRULY ASTONISHINGLY EASY TO DO. Fell in love with Skuid at that moment.