HELP - Customer community in production down after Banzai upgrade this morning

Our customer community uses a page that renders a Skuid page in an iFrame.  We’ve been using this for about 4 months (we’re in the process of re-building to Skuid entirely.)  Since upgrading to Banzai this morning, the detail page model is not getting the parameter passed and our customers are seeing incomplete and inaccurate data (our single row model is grabbing some record, but not the one the customer should be seeing.)  This is a huge problem… can someone please take a look?  


Can you grant login access to Skuid Support? One of us will take a look at this right away.


Thanks - sent you an email.

Chandra - As usual, the Skuid team is right on top of this for you but one thing to make sure if that you are running Skuid 7.16 which was released last Friday.  There were a few issues in that release that addressed problems with url parameters.

Yes…I upgraded my production instance to that this morning.  We’ve been running Banzai in several of our sandboxes for weeks - but just moved Banzai to prod today off Superbank.  I went ahead and upgraded the sandboxes to 7.16 at the same time.

Chandra, we are working to release a patch that should fix the issue.

Chandra, this should be resolved in your org.

If any others are running Skuid Pages in iFrames in Banzai, let us know and we can fix this for you as well via a patch. The patch fix will be rolled into the next Banzai update (Banzai Update 3).