having trouble with param(id) since Winter '20

Pages that worked perfect before Winter '20 now do not seem to be able to see the param(id) for related lists.  I rebuilt the page and I got it to work, but now in Lightning, I have a simple skuid page for the Contact record, underneath a highlights panel and a side panel and there are two different contact records between them.  I’m just learning lightning, so maybe that is the issue, but if anyone is available to give me a quick demo on lightning and skuid, I would appreciate it.

Also, I have had to remove ALL javascript from the page, even after generating the page support files, it cannot handle javascript.  Much of my javascript can be converted to action sequences, but the only way I can get those to work is in a new tab.  For example, “send email” (we have our own send email that does special things), Action Sequence = go to url, which opens in a new tab.  I cannot get it to open a popup and then display the go to page, because of course that doesn’t work. @patvachon can you help?

Are you exclusively using param(id) or are some parts of this using Querrystrings in PageIncludes? I’ve been having issues with the latter but the models I have running param(id) are working so long as that Lightning page doesn’t have multiple Skuid page components on it. 

The parts that run param(id) are working since I redid the whole page and that was a problem in Classic (and I think it started with the page caching I turned on for one model.  I had noticed before that turning on page caching screws up a lot of things in my page), and I also use the query strings in Page Includes.  I did not know about the problem with multiple Skuid page components, but I am reducing my lightning Skuid pages to the bare minimum so I can see what works and what doesn’t. 

I would still love to know how to get javascript to work in Lightning for the things that absolutely cannot be converted to Action Sequences.