Having a trouble with getting color in a panel set within a popup

Attached is a pic of the following CSS code is doing:

#colorButton .ui-button { background: #f06c00;
padding: .4em 2.1em;
/* Overlays */
.ui-widget-overlay {
background: #005a84 url(“images/ui-bg_flat_0_005a84_40x100.png”) 50% 50% repeat-x;
opacity: 0.7;
filter: Alpha(Opacity=0); /* support: IE8 */

… as you can see the panel set in the popup is white I can’t seem to find or work out a code that will change the background. I tried all I can think of, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


You’re looking to change the background color of your popup?

I think this is what you want:

.ui-dialog .ui-dialog-content&nbsp;{<br>background:&nbsp;blue;<br>}

Awesome thank you it works perfectly! If you have time, what would it look like if they wanted to change the color of the text in the buttons within the popup?


If you right-click on the button and select “inspect element” you’ll be able to see the active CSS in the developer console. You can play around with changes until you find something that you like.

As Matt says, right-click and inspect.


Thanks guys… I got it going!