Have Skuid automatically send in a 'retURL' parameter when it initiates a URL Redirect

Many standard Salesforce pages include a “cancel” button, which will, when clicked, look for a “retURL” or “cancelURL” parameter in the URL query string. If such a parameter exists, then the user will be redirected to the value provided in that parameter when the “Cancel” button is clicked. There are many occasions in Skuid where you need to enter a redirect “URL” , for instance in Row/Table/Global/PageTitle actions of type “Redirect”, you need to set a URL to redirect to. If, when a user clicked on such an action, Skuid automatically took the current URL query string and sent this in as a “retURL” parameter, this would eliminate the need to manually specify this in the URL property. Of course, if such a parameter is already provided, Skuid could use this instead.

Was this ever implemented or is there a way to do this? I want to create a NEW RECORD page for TASK but when I either save and close or cancel the task I want to be redirected back to the page I was previously working on.