Has anyone extended the Search component and/or created a Skuidified Search Results Page?

Just putting this out there on the community to see if anyone has attempted this before. Has anyone taken the Search component to the next level so that it is on par with the Salesforce global search and skuidified the Search Results page?

I haven’t myself (I’ve only been using Skuid for 2 weeks!) but this is something I would love to see some thoughts on, as I believe building an enhanced search capability is pretty high on my todo list.

Bumping this up to see if there has been any projects related to enhancing this feature lately.  

I’d like ideas on not only Search Results, but recreating the global search (without having to specify all the objects within the Search Component.)  We’re not moving to a fully custom Skuid page with the header / tabs and all until we can address the global search.

Check this post out.  It has a script to dynamically build SOSL off of reading model attributes and then passes the return results back to the models.  Then you can use conditional rendering & declarative methods to build the display for the results.


There are a few setup requirements with the models, including a UI only model to coordinate the parameters for the script, but it’s designed to be agnostic to specific salesforce objects so it can leveraged in different use cases.