Has anyone been able to connect to Quickbooks Online using OAuth2?

I am not having any luck authenticating to Quickbooks Online using OAuth2.  Has anyone been able to successfully do this?


I have not worked with Quickbooks and Skuid.  Are you seeing a specific error?



Hey Bill, I have the connection working now.  QBO just requires a lot of specific settings to connect.  Once I figured out how I could debug my connection calls, I figured out how to connect.  Thanks!

We have been struggling with this as well. Would you be willing to help us out on it.

Hi Chad, I actually could not get the connector to work reliably for all users.  I got it to work just fine for me, but whenever another user tried to connect it would fail to authenticate them.  QBO would throw an error that only one application at a time can connect.  I believe that I would have to write custom connector using Apex to manage authentication and I decided that was too much effort.  I figure Skuid will eventually build a connector that will work. I ended up using Skyvia (www.skyvia.com) to connect using oData and that is working fine for our needs.  Skyvia is free for oData.  We are a Skuid consulting partner, so if you want help doing that, we would definitely like to help, but we do charge for work.  If you’re interested in our consulting help, please let me know.

I would like to discuss the option if you are available.