Group(s) within Group

Hi ,

I wonder if there’s a way to accomplish the following

Let’s say I have an AGG model grouped by “FOOD TYPE"

Which shows a table with those 3 rows with the group + record count:

- Vegetables - 3
- Fruits - 4
- Other - 9

Now i would like to open a drawer to see another group , example if I open Vegetables’ drawer i want to see a table with a new group (type of vegetables):

Tomatoes - 5
Cucumbers - 2
Beets - 6
Carrots - 1

But if Open the drawer for Fruits I would see:

- Strawberry - 5
- Apples - 19
- Oranges - 9
- Grapes - 6

and if possible to take it even further, if i open the drawer of one of those sub group , example Tomatoes has 5 records

I would be able to see the Basic Model with those 5 records

So basically my main question is let’s say I use page includes, how do i pass value of the row from group?

So looking at first example , how to pass row value (from group) " Vegetables” via page include

Hope it’s clear enough

Thank you

This can be done. Somewhat finicky in that the context setting, last I did this, uses the field names and not the aliases. So, I had to rename the aliases to the api names and/or hack the xml. It worked in the end.

Hey Pat , thank you for the answer, but I apologize i’m not sure I understood it

If it’s not too much to ask, Could you please provide an example of the syntax u used? or anything that could point me in the right direction?


Willing to skype with you if you like. pat.vachon.77