Google Fonts in Skuid?

Has anyone managed to use Google Fonts in a Skuid page? The usual , e.g. , needs to go in the of the HTML page, which I don’t think we can access, can we?

Answered my own question on this. I just put the full Google Font CSS (rather than trying to link to it using a tag) into my custom CSS on the Skuid page and it worked.

So cool! Great idea!

Could you provide an example of how you “put the full Google Font CSS” into your page? Did you add it as a custom css resource or did you actually embed it in the template code in your page?

I’m trying this code in a template field but it isn’t working. (example below).

Should I be putting the @import in my external stylesheet and then calling it from the template code instead?

Here is the code in my template field:

<p style="@import url(<a title="Link httpfontsgoogleapiscomcssfamilyRoboto400700500" href=",700,500)" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">,700,500)</a>; font-family: 'Roboto', sans-serif;";>Roboto Text</p>

Go to the resources tab in the Skuid Page Builder and create a new CSS Resource.  Set the resource location as external and just enter the url for your font (except use https) for the Resource URL.  For you it would be,700,500 .  Then you just need to put the font-family css in the places where you want that font to show up.

New to this sort of thing, how do I “put the font-family css in the places I want?”