Google Drive "Title" condition wildcard behavior

Is it planned behavior on google drive data source for the ‘title’ condition to pull like a wild card?
If condition is set to ‘123’ it will pull files/folders that range from ‘1234’, ‘12356’, basically ‘123*’.

Anybody else run into this?


My testing suggests that the title condition is working like a “contains” query.   The condition builder shows it as “Title equals” but when you use the condition it returns the values as you request above. 

We do not allow you to enforce strict equality using that condition - but we do allow you to retrieve wild-card type searches. 

What were you trying to achieve here? 

Thanks Rob… Normally in conditions we can control how the query is done. Trying to accomplish selecting a particular folder. Nothing complicated. The challenge was that if you select ‘123’ but that that doesn’t exist it pulls 1234 (it pulls both if 123 exists obviously with contain) which in my use case is detrimental. No big deal just had to add additional branches to implement strict enforcement, etc Prob worth documenting. Any reason you don’t allow strict enforcement? Thanks again for checking on it. AP

Thanks for your feedback here, Arne. We’ve logged your feedback on the product and the documentation. Thanks for helping make Skuid better!