Google Drive API v3 - Data Source Doc's

When diving into data sources, the docs seem spread on whom they are addressing. On the platform there is a requirement that the endpoint/url is supplied (which in Skuid for SF is autopopulated). However the documentation provides Skuid’s requirement in some (eg OneDrive) but not in others (eg Google Drive). Maybe I missed it but it took me going to SF to set up a datasource to find out that Drive v2 is required as v3 breaks it (on platform).

Just an idea.

Other than that easy to set up! Thanks for all you do!

Hey Arne-Per! That’s a good point. We’ve updated each data source doc on our Platform docs site to include the specific endpoint (notably Google Drive and Google Calendar), or at least information on how to figure out the endpoint for your service of choice. Thanks for sending this our way.