Google Calendar REST example from Dreamforce 15

Hey Zach … you did a great demo of external data in Banzai at DF15. You connected to Google Calendar and were able to view and update events in a Skuid calendar. Any chance you could share that page you built or provide some info on how to set up the connection?


Glenn, absolutely, I will try to make this available sometime next week. 

Looking forward to this!

Waiting w/ bated breath.


Do you know when the demo of Banzai with Google connect will be on line ? 

Zach - any updates on this? Would love to see it!

Did this happen?

Not yet.  Raw materials in the can.  Final production still in progress. 

Hi everyone! There is now a tutorial for using REST to connect a Skuid Calendar component with Google Calendar. You can find the complete step-by-step instructions here: 

I hope you all find this helpful!

Also if anyone finds any part of the tutorial to be unclear, please let me know. I’ll make sure to update it.

Hi Cody, noticed a few small typos:
“While Skuid supports other authentication methods, Oauth 2.0 is required when interacting with Google APIs.”

“Methods are the means by which your Skuid component will request your data from the Calendar API, so we’ll need to setup a method for each type of data interaction you’ll have.”

“use URL merge parameters that are consistently named and easily identifiable.”

Thank you! The grammarian within me always appreciates typo corrections.