go to url for button on phone form

i have a mobile page with a button on it when i click the button with the page dispalyed in my browser it goes to that page fine the url is–https://skuid.na14.visual.force.com/a… when i open the same page in my phone and click the button i get “you can’t view this page, either because you don’t have permissions or because the page is not supported on mobile devices” the 2 page (the one the button is on and the one that is being opened have identical permissions and both are set to be used on mobile devices the query string i am passing in the button is ?page=phone_open_client_interactions&id={{Id}} if i remove the query string argument from the button and the condition on the page being opened, the page opens fine and shows all the records if i substitute a litteral value for {{Id}}, like 12, the page opens fine any ideas ? thanks ken

Are you using Salesforce1 or a mobile browser? Is it iPhone or android? I would try it on a different mobile device and in a different mobile browser to try to isolate if it is the page or an issue with how you are accessing the page.