Global Search and Replace on SKUID XML

We have turned off the state and country picklist fields. Turning this feature off in Salesforce removes the BillingStateCode and BillingCountryCode standard Account fields. Since we disabled this feature post building out our SKUID pages, it has created a bunch of SKUID model errors throughout the app, since these fields are no longer valid (i.e. no longer exist on the Account object). Is there an easy way to view all SKUID XML for all pages and perform a search and replace to remove all references to these fields and thus fix the SKUID errors? Or do we have to fix each model on each page in the XML editor?

You can export all your pages, which will generate a CSV file - which you can then GREP

or you can build a page pack - which will create a Static resource - JSON file - which you can also GREP.

Once the search and replace is done,  upload those pages back into your org and life should be good.