Global Merge Syntax for Dates & Date/Times

As another option to formulas for condition values in this post, I could use also make use of the following:



I can see how that’d be super helpful. Vote this up if you want to see it too so our devs know how important this would be to the community.



And allow merge syntax to access the properties of skuid.time.

YES!!! I was looking for this!

right now I need today, now, and timestamp

Yep, 7 votes is pretty high for ideas on this community. You’ll make a lot of people happy with (relatively) minimal work to add {{$Time}} merge syntax.

!!! BUMP !!!


This would be very helpful!

For anyone interested in a workaround, you can setup a UI Only model and add a Formula field to get the date, time, current year; etc. and use this on your page.



Bump. :smiley:

I considered creating another account here just to vote again on this… :wink:

These are great ideas, yall. We’ve definitely talked about adding this capability to the product. We are still looking into the possibility of adding it.