Getting "Unknown Field" result for Territory Name field in table designed to display submitted forec

Working on SKUID page to display forecasts history for forecasts submitted in SFDC Customizable Forecasting. I can not get the “Territory Name” to display in the table - Getting “Unknown Field” result, despite being able to find the Territory Name field. Any ideas?


Try looking in the Chrome console to see if Territory Name is getting pulled in or not. To access the Chrome developer console right-click your previewed page, select “Inspect”, then look at the console tab. You can enter to see all of the models on your page. You can then drill into the model that contains Territory Name and look at the data property to see if Territory Name has a value. If it doesn’t have a value in the console then you aren’t retrieving the data from Salesforce. If you do see it in the console then something is preventing it from showing on the page.