Getting started with jQuery

UPDATE: I resolved the issue I was having. I was using “In-Line(Snippet)” instead of “In-Line”. So that brings me to a new question. How and when do you decide between the two?

I’ve built some pages in jsfiddle that use jQuery, but I am having some trouble transferring those into Skuid. Can someone point me in the direction of some materials that would help me understand the differences I’d need to learn to include jQuery in a Skuid page? Or some good use cases?

Right now, I am working on opening a hidden div and making it fullscreen. Once I click on another div, the jQuery code applies a new class to the hidden div which takes away the property display:none, and adds z-index: 1000.

I’ve tried loading in the jQuery library as a static object, and also tried linking externally to the URL. I am thinking there is some syntax that is different when going from a platform like jsFiddle to Skuid.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Glad you got it figured out. 

For info about in-line vs in-line snippet, check out this post:…


Thank you Karen! Very helpful.