Getting error while Package Pages in Module

HI All,
I need your help to solve below error.

There was an error creating the new Staticresource “Capacity BuilderPages”:No such column ‘CacheControl’ On sobject  of type StaticResource

I am getting above error while I am packaging  pages in Module.

I have trial account for sales force and skuid.
Is the issue because of trial Account?

Rohit works with me. Just to clarify, we have built all over 200+ pages. We didn’t realize that SF trial version will cause this kind of frustration. We have corrected an issue of trial version by getting official  SF DEV instance. However, at this moment exporting pages in CSV is not a good option for me. We must look for a better alternative or workaround to package them in our current trial SF instance. 

Rohit.  The fact that you are on trial should not impact the ability to package pages to a static resource.  Let me dig into this issue.  I’ll let you know. 

Rohit what edition of Salesforce are you on? Professional, Enterprise, Group, Developer, etc. ??

Enterprise Edition

Please see screenshot here:
Please let’s know if you need anything to reproduce.

Looks like this issue is in indeed because this is a trial account — the CacheControl field for some reason is not available on the StaticResource object in Trial accounts, and Skuid’s Page Packs are being stored in StaticResources. Your best bet is to get full licenses before proceeding further with development efforts, but we will add this issue to our backlog.