Getting: "bad value for restricted picklist field" in 11.0.1 in Sandbox.

I moved some pages from a Sandbox with 10.0.7 to a partial Sandbox with 11.0.1. I’m getting the error “bad value for restricted picklist field:” on any multi picklist in 11.0.1 when I select more than one option. I made sure to add all of the values for the Account record type and the other record types that I’m not using as well. It works with no issue on a normal page layout, but throws the error in any Skuid page. 

Is there anything I can do, or should we just go with an older release?

What steps did you follow to bring over the pages? Did you use a page pack? Did you copy and paste XML?

Also, what are the differences between the Sandbox and the Partial Sandbox? A “bad value for restricted picklist field:” sounds like its looking for something on the salesforce back end that isn’t there or different.

I used page packs and transferred them over through a change set.

A partial copy sandbox has a sample of data from the production org. I thought it was something on the Salesforce end as well, but I’m not getting the error in regular Salesforce page layouts. The record type has access to the picklists and all of the values are available. It’s happening on any multi-select picklist where I input more than one value.


You have restricted checkbox tick on that Picklist field.

Thus You cannot do any changes in values of restricted picklist.


I forgot to say that it’s a global picklist so that checkbox is automatically ticked. That doesn’t explain why it worked for Skuid in one sandbox and does not work in the other, nor why it works on normal page layouts but not in a Skuid page.

Could it be because Skuid is appending “[object Object]” at the end of the multi-picklist options in 11.0.1? This is the only potential reason that I can find: