Getting Add Event Listener Error on Skuid page for only few users on few machines

Hi Team,
we are getting the attached add event listener error on one skuid page for only a few users and it was reproducible on a few machines.

we tried to find the root cause but were unable to figure it out, need skuid support team’s help to debug this issue.

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘addEventListener’)
at S (skuidReqs.js:1:189823)
at skuidReqs.js:1:190802
at skuidReqs.js:1:191366
at l (vendor.js:2:9717)
at m (vendor.js:2:10034)

Not really enough to go on here. My guess is that there is custom code on this page that is firing events that are not appropriate for the permissions available to the users in question.

Does this error show on page load, or on a specific action being taken?

Hi Rob,

Thanks for getting back, I got reply from skuid support team after debugging the issue at their end , seems it was some code which is causing the issue , we are working to fix that