Getting a Filter to Show "Other" Number

I am trying to set up a filter based on a number field. For the most part the numbers will be 3, 6, 9, 12, or 24 representing months). It is possible however for a user to enter a custom value. I have a filter working now that lets them show the specified values but I would like to have an option to filter by any values that are not the above stated list. I created a second condition that the Length Field is not in the set of values (3, 6, 9, 12, or 24) and set it to “can be modified by filters, but is off by default” Added an Other Option and Set it to be affected by Other Conditions and defined my new condition but It is not working so Obviously this is not correct. Is having this other option possible with numbers? If so how can I get it working?

Jessica, unfortunately right now we do not allow a filter to activate a condition that has more than one value in it.  We are working to improve Skuid to enable this feature in our filters, but it doesn’t work yet. 

The only way I can think to get the feature you are interested in is to create a formula field on your object that is a simple boolean.  It will be off if the numbers are correct, and on otherwize.  Then you can create a filter that shows all records where the boolean is on.  You can even add that entry to the end of your existing Number Field filter drop down list by adding a new filter source (add a truck icon) and lable (tag icon) and a source effect (coffee cup icon).  The source type would be manual,  the label would  Affect another condition.  And in the coffee cup area you would activate the condition that filtered based on that boolean. 

I’m sorry if that that sounds like greek.  If you need a more step by step review let me know. 

That worked! Thank you for the good work around!

Well, two thumbs up for you.  One for getting it to work, and another for being able to read my convoluted instructions!  Glad we got you to success!