Get More Data ("Merge Model") Enhancement - Don't cancel/overwrite existing data

Currently, when a model is re-queried via the action framework, any existing changes to rows in the model are cancelled and then new data is merged in.  One of the great benefits of the action framework is pulling in data only as its needed.  However, once the data is pulled in, it would be extremely beneficial to be able to just slipstream in new data and not affect any data that is already contained within the model.

Use Case - Account Tab page contains a table which has a drawer that displays related contacts.  As rows in the table are clicked, data is re-queried and merged.  This provides the benefit of only accessing the data from Contacts if the user wants to see the details of the contact.  Once displayed, the user can edit properties of the contact.  However, if they choose another row’s drawer or collapse the current drawer, the changes they made are lost.  Ideally, the user could edit one or more contacts, navigate the contacts table and then click a single “save” button at the top of the screen rather than having to ensure they click each individual drawers “save” button before doing anything else.  In a real-world example, we have a Purchase Order with Line Items and need to validate the entire dataset at once, not individually.  This requires that we allow users to edit multiple lines items (e.g. they might change the Line Item # but they can’t have duplicates so we can’t require individual saves) and then when they are happy, click save so we can validate and commit.

Ask: Expand the available “Query Behaviors” to include the following:
Standard - Complete
Get More - Cancel Existing & Merge New
Get More - Leave existing untouched & Merge New

In short, offer the ability to not perform the model.hasChanged && model.cancel() operation prior to merging.  I think this has ramifications downstream (e.g. currently, models can’t be re-queried when hasChanges = true), but this would be extremely helpful to have available.

As always, appreciate your consideration, thank you!