GeoMap Field Mapping

My application is designed for non-profit sector in developing country. 

1) First why are you limiting this map till county level only?  Is this due to type of maps that you use? Do you plan to allow other maps (OpenMap, Bing, Google) etc?

Typical breakdown for example in India would be 


I understand that I can map Country and State direct mapping and District to County.  

What about two other levels? I suspect your maps don’t have that coverage. Could you confirm? If not, do you plan to extend?

3) Has anyone built DB to cover all regions in the world?  If yes,  what is a best way of such a service or Salesforce object?

Unmesh. I see how the MVP is not really viable for you. We are using a particular map library and have implemented the maps that came with that library. But out ultimate intention (Safe harbor and all that) is to both expand the defaults considerably as well as let you build your own maps. Please stay tuned …