Geochart programmatic drilldown

I have a global geochart with drilldown available by clicking a country. The data is appearing fine at the global level and for individual states/provinces when I drill down to view a country. 

What I would like to do is trigger the drilldown programmatically in Javascript. 

I have tried a couple of things. The first was to get a handle on the Skuid geochart component and to fire the drilldown. I can get the component handle as below, and I can see a couple of drilldown methods, but I don’t know what parameters to use and they have thrown errors with the ones I’ve tried. 

var chart = skuid.component.getById('myChartId');<br>chart.doDrilldown(); //parameters?<br>chart.seriesList[0]; //parameters?

The second thing I tried was to bypass the Skuid geochart object and go directly to the Highcharts object. According to a couple of forum posts I should be able to trigger a Highcharts drilldown like this:

var chart = skuid.$('.sk-chart-container').highcharts();<br>chart.series[0].data[0].doDrilldown();

That doesn’t throw any error, but nothing happens. 

I would love some help with this.

I’ve also tried:

var chart = skuid.$('.sk-chart-container').highcharts();<br>chart.series[0].data[0].firePointEvent('click');

No reaction from the geochart. 

Any thoughts?