Geo chart for USA

I can not find Geo Map for USA . There is option of USA & CANADA. I want only for USA.

Is there a way we can load our own SVG to skuid and display that as MAP

Thanks in advance for help.!

Hmm. Have you looked in the North America Map Group - and gone all the way to the bottom of the list? There are 2…

We have talked about allowing you to upload your own map shapefiles, but its not possible at this point in time. One of our solutions engineers really wants to show opportunity amounts in the various regions of Tolkein’s Middle Earth…

Hi Rob,

when i am trying to put this Geo chart in my skuid page - it is not showing on page and i am getting following error in console inside skuid jQuery - 

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined

can you please help here?

Is it possible to provide link on every state inside the map? 

I am really new to Geo Maps so any significant help is appreciated!